Embedded Systems and Engineering

Adopt our embedded systems expertise to transform your chip and electronics to a smart device with our solutions. We provide innovative product design services including complete system design, software and hardware implementation, verification and testing.

Build Early to Market & MMP (Minimum Marketable product)

Go from zero to live using our microcontrollers and microprocessor expertise with either off the shelf products or custom design chips along with appropriate operating systems. Our fully equipped team of designers, with their deep industry experience bring you the best designs and development services delivered from our state-of-the art technologies and methodologies.

Our Embedded Systems Design and Engineering Services

With over 20 years of experience and various designs and solutions delivered year on year, we have acquired extensive experience across multiple industries including network and computing, IoT, consumer electronics, compute & storage, industrial products, medical, agriculture and various other domains. Our strong differentiators reside in the expertise across multiple tools and a strong partnership, comprising of semiconductor OEMs and prototype manufacturers.

Our Services offered and are not limited to the list below:

    • Requirements Analysis
    • System Definition
    • Embedded product design
    • Firmware engineering
    • Design and develop algorithms
    • Sensor and connectivity solutions
    • Prototype manufacturing
    • Circuit design
    • Real-time software
    • GUI and Tool development
    • Mechanical Packaging Design
    • Wearable and injectable electronics for IoT
    • Documentation